Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One hundred and kicking


Six months ago Caroline turned 100, and it ain't over yet. She still commands the household of four cats and a dog and cruises the hall, bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. She just can't cross the door humps to get outside without help. Totally amazing gene pool there.

Carl and his brother Nate tackled rebuilding a fence, and oh boy was it hot in the sun. I helped in the morning when it wasn't too bad, working on the wood fence. Then the sun started beating down as the guys took on clearing a path through bamboo stubble and stringing and stretching wire. It was a killer on the feet and balance. I got to do first aid on Nate's bamboo puncture wound, and I felt very fortunate I did not have to recall my Girl Scout First Aid training for splinting broken bones from the tumbles they took.

But it is done.

To reward ourselves for finishing the job, we have had a spa day. First we had a one hour foot massage for $25 in San Ramon. The girl working on Carl said he had limited range of motion turning his head right. She said his wife must sleep on his left side. True, except this summer I sleep 5 feet above his head!

Then we headed to Calistoga for a mud bath. Yummy!

Our bike rack failed today. Carl noticed it leaning out in the parking lot. Lucky thing he noticed. It was about to break right off and dump bikes. Then we would have had a major incident on the freeway. It was a day for freeway incidents. We noticed a travel trailer rolling down the freeway with a few things wrong. The TV antenna was up and flopping in the breeze. And the sewer hose was flapping on the side. A few minutes later we ran over the sewer hose.

We are proud of our new expensive bike rack with a lifetime warranty. Can't say the same for that trailer's sewer hose. Wonder when he will notice? I cannot imagine driving off with the sewer hose attached. Maybe somebody stole the trailer? Oh wait, let's think like a banker again! I'll bet it was a repo man!
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