Monday, July 13, 2009

Columbia River Gorge-eous


Consider this scenic byway, the Columbia River Gorge, Lewis and Clark's route to the Pacific, a big and wide river, a shipping, power generating, windsurfing paradise and jewel for both Oregon and Washington. The historic highway winds next to the interstate, and is a definite preference for scenery. On the Oregon side, the road winds up on the side of the Cascades passing multiple waterfalls. On the Washington side, the road winds by the river with views of windsurfers and whitecaps.

This gorge was carved by glaciers and is the only sea level opening in the cascades. Pacific air roars up the opeing. The prevailing wind shapes the trees and provides power for recreational windsurfing.

I think this is my fourth visit, but my slowest. We made 40 miles today. Carl says we will never make Albuquerque at this speed. Today makes our official turn to the east, by the way, heading for an August 1 arrival in New Mexico. We still have almost three weeks to find all the hot springs in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.
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