Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All Aboard

I like Canon City Colorado. The town has several attractions: A really nice city park with ducks and swings and the Arkansas River, the farmer's market with the entire community shopping (we bought 9 ears of Colorado Corn), a big house (aka prison) and the Royal Gorge Railway. Carl said let's take the train through the gorge, and I agreed it sounded very relaxing. We took the sky dome car, so we could look way up at the suspension bridge and the crazy people swinging out over the gorge. It was very smooth and scenic.

The next morning I liked Canon City more. We went for breakfast and got greeted with a table of bikers (Harley). We pulled up a chair. The cafe owner offered free breakfast to anyone who would sing along with the tunes. It was a fun day. The Harley's are off to Bishops Castle south of here, where a guy who hates the government has been building a castle for years. We're off to New Mexico, come full circle.
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