Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not Eggs actly

Draw an egg, the teacher said. Use your good paper. Use your charcoals. And your blending tools. Choose a light source.

Oh my is this a challenge. The subtle shadows are completely non-intuitive. After I did so well at drawing a box in class, I thought that surely this would be a snap.

I'm enrolled in You Too Can Draw this spring, and we shall see about that. A lesson in humility. Carl said one of my eggs looks like a lemon. I had to agree. Perhaps next week there will be progress to report. I am happy to report that the first two and 1/2 hours flew by as I drew lines, held my pencil strangely, and drew cylinder men from a live model, aka the teacher standing on the desk.

However, there are no mixed feelings about the history of Afghanistan that I also enrolled in. The class flew by. Whoosh! Just ask me some facts. What is their export? Just opium. Life span? 44 years. Size? About like Texas. I cannot wait till next week.

Saturday, February 7, 2009



Okay, I admit it. This is not really a purpose in life. But it does pop, you'd have to admit. Treasure from heavy trash days again.

So, I suppose I will have to pay attention to the little voice, becoming more like an audible conversation, that says I am ready to do something. It has been almost two years of sabbatical, after all.

More to come as I ponder the question.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feelin kind of funky

Thank goodness January is over. Every January I start evaluating my life, wondering what I should be doing instead of whatever it is I am doing now. It's a chronic holdover from years of goal setting.

So, in order to distract myself, I finished last January's project, this little trash table I rescued from heavy trash week.

So, now when I am feeling purposeless I can just look out the window and say there, that's better. Look at that mosaic I just finished. Can't help but smile.
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