Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ave Meniscus

I could have been faithful
to you, my sacred knee
listened to the sages
who said strong muscles
would save me from hell

But I took their counsel
and put it away, along with
“buy low, sell high”
and other worldly axioms
all good in theory

Instead I betrayed you
leaving no choice
but the surgeon with the big ego
and saran wrapped showers

Now  I worship daily
in the temple of the Y
leg presses, adductors
supine, prone, squatting
genuflecting to my knee

Soon I will have quads of steel
hams of spandex
chiseled calves
taut abductors
supple gluts

All this and more
I will offer
on the altar to my knee
never again
a disbeliever.