Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This year's toilets

This year our Christmas gift to each other is to level the house.  Not as much fun as a new front sidewalk from last year, or a great window in the dining room the year before, or even the amazing super flush toilets that started this tradition.

But long after I replace the tile, replant the bushes, fill the sink holes that will remain when the dirt around the 18 new piers settles, I will enjoy the doors that open and close and lock, and the cessation of widening cracks in the wall, tile coming off the walls........A stranger walking in will not know the difference....but I will.

Till that time, my spring activity is set:  restore the landscape, tile the patio, patch the cracks, repaint the walls......take hot baths.......dream of a massage......

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What took me so long?

I spent five years on sabbatical from Girl Scout volunteering.  Guess I needed to cure my wanderlust when I retired, and I didn't want to commit to be in town for very long at all.  Then last year I decided to try my hand at being a Gold Award Advisor. 

The process hasn't changed much since Troop 2010 members worked on their Gold projects, just the names of programs. I have a job descripton, but I am not in charge of making anything happen. I wait to be contacted by girls in high school who are ready to start their Gold award. It's like the Eagle award, but bigger and better, I think.

So many reasons to do this:
  • To believe in the future
  • To mentor girls who WILL be making a difference right now and for the rest of their lives
  • To smile, laugh, and dream with girls on the verge of womanhood and life 
After a few months of hem-hawing about when to take the plunge, I got a Google phone number. I chose an email to use just for Gold award business. I finally put my name on the list.  And nothing happened for a while.
Then one night while I was watching TV reading my iphone messages I opened one from a stranger.

My first gold award candidate. 

What a keeper she is.  Mature.  Polite.  Social skills.  Passionate about her cause.  A true joy to work with.  I think the universe is rewarding me in advance for all the girls to come who might not be so mature, and that's a good thing for someone getting back in the saddle again. 

Here's a link to her blog.  Enjoy!

PS  Yes, technology is a wondrous thing.  Before we met, she googled me.