Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What took me so long?

I spent five years on sabbatical from Girl Scout volunteering.  Guess I needed to cure my wanderlust when I retired, and I didn't want to commit to be in town for very long at all.  Then last year I decided to try my hand at being a Gold Award Advisor. 

The process hasn't changed much since Troop 2010 members worked on their Gold projects, just the names of programs. I have a job descripton, but I am not in charge of making anything happen. I wait to be contacted by girls in high school who are ready to start their Gold award. It's like the Eagle award, but bigger and better, I think.

So many reasons to do this:
  • To believe in the future
  • To mentor girls who WILL be making a difference right now and for the rest of their lives
  • To smile, laugh, and dream with girls on the verge of womanhood and life 
After a few months of hem-hawing about when to take the plunge, I got a Google phone number. I chose an email to use just for Gold award business. I finally put my name on the list.  And nothing happened for a while.
Then one night while I was watching TV reading my iphone messages I opened one from a stranger.

My first gold award candidate. 

What a keeper she is.  Mature.  Polite.  Social skills.  Passionate about her cause.  A true joy to work with.  I think the universe is rewarding me in advance for all the girls to come who might not be so mature, and that's a good thing for someone getting back in the saddle again. 

Here's a link to her blog.  Enjoy!

PS  Yes, technology is a wondrous thing.  Before we met, she googled me.

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