Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mozy thru Moise montana


Here in the middle of nowhere Montana, unless you happen to be from here, south of flathead lake and along the Flathead River, is the National Bison Range. It's on an indian reservation but part of the national parks system, meaning, one more place our Geezer Pass gets us into for nothing. There's a 19 mile gravel road through all the grazing ranges, and if you are lucky, you will see some of the 600 bison and their 60 babies. We saw a few, and a few antelope, and I think maybe a herd of elk off in the distance.

Best part of the whole deal is the road. It winds up from the river level to 4700 feet with a million panaramas, including the Rockies to the east, the river to the west, ponderosas and douglas fir. Nice drive, a little dusty.

We ended our day halfway to the primo hot springs at Challis by stopping in Hamilton, where we saw our next grill at the campsite next door. Ours had been pronounced DOA the night before, and for $20 after two years of service, it didn't owe us much. The ladies next door had just bought it at Albertsons and there was one left, they said. We ran to get it. It's a great little grill, just right.

I watched the neighbor put the grill together, and I could tell she was handy with the tools. We got to discussing why she was there. She had come to plant her husband, and I felt so sad I had brought up a sensitive subject. But she said no, he died five years ago, but this was his home and it was time to put his ashes here. They had come here every year from Washington to visit in their RV. I really liked her on the spot. She reminded me of Mom's cousin Scotty Irene. She had that strong independence that you respect in a widow.

Daisy had her third night of torture there at the Black Rabbit RV park. See her blog for the sad details.
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