Saturday, July 11, 2009

a touch of lavender

This weekend is the Oregon Lavender Festival. I rented a car and took a drive through the most exquisite farmland to three of the farms. Along the way, I drank lavender lemonade, lavender punch and ate lavender ice cream.

I sat and tried my hand at watercolor in this pleasant spot while smelling the lavender distillery doing its work. It's a smell like lavender honey and a lot like heaven. In the little shops on the lavendar farms, you could buy anything you wanted as long as it was purple.

We've been enjoying eating without product codes stuck on our fruit. It's berry time in the valley, and oh my gosh. 5 varieties of blackberries to choose from, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, fruit stand after fruit stand. Cobbler called to me, and that's not an easy concept in the rv. I don't carry flour and stuff. We found a single cobbler mix made by Louisiana fish fry foods that hits the spot. Blackberry was supreme, raspberry divine. What next? If someone will pit the cherries, I am game.
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