Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oregon Rocks


Although the California Coast is breathtaking, it lacks approachability. Oregon, on the other hand, welcomes RV's, pets on leashes and old geezers like us. California builds one ocean front campground on the entire southern coast. Oregon builds a state park every three miles on the coast and makes the beach and the views accessible. I LUV Oregon. Daisy LUVS Oregon. We go for at least one big walk a day on a beach or dune or lighthouse. We meet other dogs and owners having a wonderful day.

Take this little fellow, that we met at the top of Perpetua lookout. He spends his days in a doggie carrier on the back of a 150. He is dressed for the occasion, of course, by his Vancouver mom in the pink helmet.
Or Tucker, who gets to walk around Seal Rock every day of his life.

Such views, such accessibility. Did I mention I love Oregon?

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