Sunday, July 19, 2009

low of 99, high of 104


Scenic Lolo Hot Springs is located on the Lewis and Clark Trail, Highway 12, 25 miles west of Lolo. The hot pool is hot, the cool pool is 82. Outside, the high ambient temp was 90, the low was 50. Can you say, low humidity?

I think St. Gertrude was still working for us, because we were here on family friendly Saturday. I kept watching the family next door, the children in Lolo Creek, Crick as the locals say, nonstop wading, except when they were eating hot dogs, making s'mores and of course, swimming in both the hot and the cool pool. The sunset was very pink as they sat around their campfire.

If St Gertrude had not been working for us, we might have been here on Wednesday night. Then, alcohol is allowed, and (drop your voice) clothing is optional. The woman at the hot springs said, "We call it nudie night. They bring in their sixpack, and after they drink it, the clothes start coming off. But you have to be 21 on Wednesday nights." Given the popularity of this drive with the Harley crowd, thank you so much, St. Gertrude, for bringing us here on a Saturday. It could have been very ugly.
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