Friday, July 24, 2009

Down home in Downata

Here in hot spring heaven, south of Pocatella Idaho, where hot springs are more numerous than high school football rivalries, we got down with the locals in Downey.

This place is most popular with families who bring the kiddoes to soak themselves silly in three super slides and a waterpark. As far as a hot springs goes, I don't rate it up there with Challis. Too much like an amusement park.

But I do love the fact that when you walk a quarter mile away, you are in the middle of Idaho grasslands. And I loved morning aerobics with the locals. They spotted me right away as a "camper". I was the only outsider in the class. But they were very friendly to me, and if I ever move to Downey, I will come every M W F to water aerobics in a warm pool with the locals over 70.
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