Sunday, July 19, 2009

my next painting, maybe

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This lovely view is the Camas Plains, a high volcanic plateau north of Hells Canyon. I love the curve of the hills, the way the grain crops criss-cross and rustle, the patchwork created by the crops. The view coming over the top of each hill surprises me and I go whooo!, catching my breath. Maybe my next painting will look like that.

Here are my last two attempts at the art of watercolor, that tricky medium where mistakes are a permanent part of the art. I am calling them Lavender I and II. Lavender I was done in the Lavender fields near Oregon City. I borrowed the idea for Lavender II from the Lavendar Festival guidebook. I personally like Lavendar II because it is looser and I like the composition better. Someday I hope to look at a landscape and translate it that way myself.

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