Sunday, June 28, 2009

A tight squeeze

I think this is the tightest squeeze yet, parking in Granny's drive in Walnut Creek. Inch by inch, avoiding the light pole, the guy wires, the fences, the overhanging eave of the house in the back. It felt very much like the Long Long Trailer scene were Ricky backs the 41 foot trailer into his new inlaw's arbor and house.

Just a quick update on the RV. As Larry put it when he was helping Carl do it, we have tricked out our ride. We have wide angle mirrors, a runner to step up into the cab, new shocks in the rear (oh my what a difference) and, ta da! instead of a cutting board covering the sink but mostly always in the way, I have a pop up addition to the counter space.
Life is fine!

Finally got time today to work on the landscape I started last weekend. Lori said to be sure to anchor my trees with a shadow, but it kind of looks like the shadow is going to swallow them. Maybe too much of a good thing?

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