Wednesday, June 17, 2009

in AWE

Today I am in awe of Lori Hanson Lincoln's one woman art exhibit, which we visited in South Lake Tahoe. You will see a link to her website on the right. The website has some good photos, but in person, the collection is amazing. How can one person produce so much work in six months? A testiment to her determination, seriousness, and her talent. Take a look and enjoy. I am hoping to own one of these at the end of the visit.

The audio interviews that accompanied each painting were alone worth the visit to the gallery. I cannot wait to get my muse awakened by her, which will happen tomorrow!

I am in awe also of the drop dead blue of Lake Tahoe, which I have seen many times but never tire of. Daisy had a great day at the city bark park, we ate lunch at Inspiration Point, and we are camped in the city park by the Lake. About to take a nice long walk, or a bike ride. Either will be perfect. There's yoga on the beach tomorrow? Shall I indulge?

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Carol said...

I loved seeing Lori's paintings. Such vivid colors and wonderful shapes---such places to visit!