Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grin and Burr It

"When you get to Boulder, turn left on the Burr Trail. Go till the pavement ends, which puts you back in Capitol Reef. You'll like the views."

That's what buddy Steve Babbitt said to do on our drive through Grand Staircase Escalante. The Grand Staircase, by the way, looks like its name, winding up and down ridges for about 150 miles between Capitol Reed and Bryce.

So we took a side trip down the Burr Trail. His photographer friend Todd had told me where a large cottonwood tree marked an entrance to a small canyon, maybe 100 yards deep, a little wonder of nature. Whispers echo in the canyon.
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Carl took the camera for a minute, and there are now 10 photos of me and Daisy in the Canyon on my June 4th photo album (link on the right).

The road is about 30 miles till dirt, when we turned Teregram around. Steve said his group of photographer buddies took 3 hours to travel the stretch, because they had to stop and photograph at every bend. What is so amazing about this road is the many changes in topography, geology, vegetation and elevation.

That took the whole morning, which meant lunch in Boulder. I think the population of Boulder might be 50, and all of them work in the three restaurants in the settlement. We picked one of the restaurants, another BLT and fries. Yum.

By the time we reached Bryce, scenery overload had happened again. Too bleary to take a run out to Sunset Point at Sunset. It will have to wait till morning.

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