Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Situations improving

We found a new resonator for the turbo charger in Carson City today. It's an aftermarket model that is made of aluminum, not that plastic thing that keeps breaking. As soon as we find a smooth surface again, Carl is going to put it in...hopefully for the last time. I am very excited.

We also found a hot springs in Grover State Park near Markleeville, a funky little town in the Eastern Sierras with a kick butt deli and a guy next door very protective of his private property. Hot springs, even when they are pools with fences around them, are a bit of heaven. The alpine meadows in this state park are divine.

Tonight we entered the casino next door to our RV park. What a weird slice of life...sitting in front of a machine that makes noises and hitting buttons in one of the few realms that still allows smoking. Casinos and bowling alleys. I put in five dollars, played black jack for about 1/2 an hour, and then took my $5 home. Carl came out 35 cents ahead and blew his earnings on a newspaper.

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