Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking the day off

Nevada is mind numbing. I am sorry to say I consider it a state to just get through.

So, here for your enjoyment in lieu of a traveloge is commentary from my friend Linda about the people we meet on the road.

"Do y'all exchange email addresses or blogs? When I was a little girl, my family camped out on vacation. One year we found ourselves in White Sands New Mexico. It was quite hot - duh!! But we were prepared with ice tea. We had an old metal ice chest that kept a block of ice cold for a day or two. The folks next to us were amateurs. Big family, not enough to drink. They were looking over at us like they were stranded in the desert - with ice envy in their parched eyes. So, of course we invited them for ice tea - it's the neighborly Texas thing to do. Had a great evening of conversation and kids running around - sand flying. We exchanged Christmas cards for years - both families always signed simply "The Tea Drinkers". "

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