Friday, June 5, 2009

Helluva place to lose a cow

I'm not going to take any pictures this time, I said. Just wake me up early and let's catch sunrise at Rainbow Point, I said.

He did. 5:30, on the road at 6 am. Up at the point at 6:30, a chilly, windy day in Bryce.
But who could resist a few photos? The sun never got bright, just a glow and overcast, and OH the colors of Bryce. Since it didn't heat up, I hiked from Inspiration to Sunset to Sunrise, walking along the rim, close up and personal with the HooDoo's. I narrowed it down to 49 more pictures of Bryce.

Could not believe I was hiking over 8,000 feet. Only got dizzy once. Maybe my gills are growing alpine?

We stopped at EVERY overlook, finishing about lunch thirty, starved and making short work of a BLT and Fries.

It was our plan the rest of the day to ride the bike trail through Red Canyon, which is a loverly drive on 89 south with a 5 mile bike path. But instead of calming, the winds got worse. Teregram was swaying and rocking down the road. We decided to head south to the North Rim, where it is always windy anyway.

With all the rocking and rolling, we stopped short in Kaneb, and were ecstatic at the town. Kaneb is Kute Kute Kute. Red rocks everywhere. Attractive storefronts. A very spruced up RV park run by Netherlanders. Such attention to detail. Red gravel fastidiously separated from White gravel, vegetation everywhere, sitting spots, a pristine pool, great bathrooms, a dog run. We decided to come back after the North Rim the next night.

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