Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wish it were more exciting?

As I awake in Frog City RV Park, Duson, Louisiana, visions of shuttle liftoff fill my head. But not yet. Here in Frog City RV, the clover has been blooming all spring, creating a clover burr mine field for poor Daisy. I let her out briefly and then we cut burrs out of her fur for an hour. Here's hoping the landscaping at the RV parks changes soon.

We have come only 214 miles on our journey east. It was a late start, plus an overturned 18 wheeler shutting down I-10 in Lake Charles and plus some unplanned last minute diversions, such as forwarding the phone. Who knew that Carl, in a cost cutting move, had canceled call forwarding? That's restored now, and you can call me on our home phone and get me toddling down the road. Our home phone bill is $2 less a month because we restored the feature and several others. Does that make sense? No, but we've already spent the $24 a year. Carl kept asking if we would be insured in Canada. Sure, was my reply. He asked me several times until I called today. We need a Canadian insurance card. Sure, they'll send it to their office in Daytona Beach. All I have to do is pay for the overnight, $25.

All in all, a break even day. Visual highlight, aside from refineries, alligator farms, dirt bike tracks and swamps, was a flatbed loaded with boom headed for the oil spill.

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