Saturday, May 29, 2010

Simply wonderful

I didn't mean to be in Amish country, but I am.  There's plenty of crab shacks but not many RV places between DC and Paradise Pennsylvania, so here we are, despite plans to stop near Wilmington and color in Delaware on the RV window map.  Here near Paradise, the Amish mother and her three children drive a wagon through the campground and I buy more strawberries than I could ever eat from a young boy and girl who are too sweet to deny.  The innocent look on their faces is worth the price.
By the time we drive into the countryside after a full breakfast at one of the many Amish cafes, the wash is out to dry at every farmhouse and the ladies are mowing the lawn or off to town in the buggies.  It's hard work being simple.  The men are in the fields, just like they were late in the day when we arrived.  I see young women in gardens, picking vegetables that stock the honor system roadside stands.  We stop to buy tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and potatoes.  And moon pies. 
Less than an hour from busy Philadelphia, the world stands still.

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