Monday, May 31, 2010

Predatory Instinct, New Jersey style

The minute we walked in the door at Nancy and Jennifer's, Daisy smelled cat.  Olga the gray and white tabby  made a quick escape outdoors, and Meena the brindled calico hid upstairs somewhere safe.  A few minutes later Daisy's pounding feet shook the ceiling and a brown fur blur rocketed down the stairs and into the office, Daisy in hot pursuit.  All humans sprang into action to drag Daisy out of the house. Shortly thereafter, Nancy was off to the emergency room, bleeding profusely from a cat bite received trying to extract Meena.

Twice more that evening, Daisy broke the barriers to the office.  Meena performed a cat circus trapeze act as she swung from desktop to curtain to wardrobe top with no safety net.  After banishing Daisy to the RV,  I surveyed the damage.  It looked as though someone had tossed the room looking for a treasure map.

Nancy is on antibiotics for 10 days and Meena is under house arrest for 10 days, just in case.  Meena is yowling from her basement prison, Olga is living the outdoor life, and Daisy sleeps with one eye on the basement door.  There are three fail safe barriers between her and Meena, and we humans navigate to the subterranean dungeon through the airlock system.

Worst news?  No alcohol for Nancy.  All those Marguerita's on Memorial Day that I am going to have to drink for her....poor me!


erica said...

hope you got some video! sounds like a "funny" moment, no? from here it does :-)

jbander25 said...

Hmmm.. no pictures with this story..