Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adults Only

Here in Olathe, Colorado, (need help with  Pronunciation?  ) the highest rated RV park in town is listed Adult Only.  I took my chances that everyone would be naked because Uncompaghre River Adult RV Park had the highest rated bathrooms in the area.

When we arrived we saw a crowd of fully clothed adults gathered under the pavilion.  The owner left the group to help us and explained it was 4:30 tea time.  Bring a beverage of your choice and join the group.  She also has coffee at 9:30 am.  Come on over.  And anyone can work on the jigsaw puzzle in the rec room.  She further explained that most of the population of the park summers here and winters in Arizona.  Adult means Senior.

I like Senior Parks.  The shower doesn't have sand it in from children playing barefoot.  The campgrounds don't have bits of chicken bones and powdered donuts for Daisy to find and be sick over later, nor cigarette butts in the fire circle.  I'd be willing to get naked for these perks.

By morning Ann the owner and I were family, just like all the other folks in the coffee club.  I complemented her on the gardens.  She said everyone works in them.  They come for six months and each takes a plot and keeps it up.  They need something to do, she says.  I asked if they grew corn in the gardens, this being Olathe.  She said No, no need.  There's so much corn in the area, they just buy a bunch and have a big roast.

I love Olathe corn.  When August rolls around, I'm in Kroger three times a week buying it.   I asked if it was time yet for Olathe corn.  Not yet, Ann explained.  Ron comes into town July 10.  He makes the ice to ship the corn.  Then about a week later, everyone starts shipping corn.  I'm assuming Ron stays at the Uncompahgre River Adult RV Park with the rest of the family during corn time.

In future years, when I buy my Olathe corn, I'll remember Ann and Ron and the family at the Adults Only Park.  I think it will taste even sweeter.

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