Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maintenance Log 2012

Carl does something every day for maintenance.  I decided he deserved his own blog entry to keep track of this.

Our first maintenance happened before the trip started.  No refrigerator.   At first he looked at alternate causes, as in parking not level, but with those eliminated, I started calling repair shops.  Jill in Conroe was the only one who could take us sooner than a week.  I loved Jill.  In the end the source of the problem was a power converter.  Who knew we had one of those?  110 to 12 volt.  So glad this happened in the comfort of our home.

Last night Carl repaired a crack in the windshield.  Hopefully it will not spread.

This morning he removed the battery from my laptop that would not start up.

He has replaced the screw holds in the air conditioner cover with anchors since the original screw holds were stripped.

The windshield washer fluid dispenser tube came undone.  He clamped that back on.

A bolt fell out of the ladder.  He replaced both of them.

The window shade went flacid.  He fixed that so it raises and lowers.

The shade on the door has to be rewound all the time.  He did it once, needs it again.  My solution has always been a sign that says "DO NOT raise or lower this shade."  Carl prefers that it works.

When I put a movie in to play I discovered the remote didn't work.  The batteries had corroded.  Carl ordered a new one sent to our house for next season.  I just used the play button on the DVD itself until one night I really needed an enter button to choose english over french.   That's the night Carl used aluminum foil to jump start the remote.  A wonder!

Then another night the movie skipped to the end.  I inserted the cleaner disk without reading the directions.  Nothing happened.  Carl read the directions, and then cleaned the DVD player, and then the movie went smoothly.

Probably because of the refrigerator repair, the cover for the light bulb came off.  Carl put it back and it fell again.  Next the bulb fell out.  He ordered a new holder for the bulb, to be waiting for us when we get home.  No light in frig for now, but it's nice and cool in there.

I plan to ask him tonight to make the light over my bed work.  I am sure there will be something else tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted!

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Mia said...

wow, aluminum foil to jump-start the remote??

You guys make a good team :)