Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Finally, after two weeks, I am breathing normally.  I can walk, bike and chew gum without gasping for air.  Since that first Colorado bike ride where five miles took 45 minutes, I now can't wait for my next ride.  I've ridden at Leadville, 10,600 feet, Buena Vista, 8,400 feet, Steamboat, 6,700 feet, Glenwood Springs 7500 feet, Denver 5200 feet.  I'm not much on hills, but I can do a little rise or two.  Bike paths are still my choice.  I'm not crazy about getting out on the highway like all the Coloradans do.

The Leadville ride deserves bragging rights.  It's the highest bike path in the nation.  Like Rocky Mountain National Park bragging about the highest paved road in the nation. The Leadville ride was uphill for the first five miles.  I walked a lot of it.

I feel really healthy.  Like an everyday Coloradan.  Normal is not easy.   I finally reached the high end of  normal body mass index after 35 years of BMI's that are considered borderline obese.  It took 17 months and lots of exercise.  But since I am finally high end of NORMAL, I think I can do things I would never have considered.   Tomorrow I'm going to try an uphill hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.  With all the normal people.  Can't wait!

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Mia said...

Go, you! A true WOW.