Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crossing Tennessee

It is impossible to drive in the South without running into the Civil War.  Every town square has monuments to the thousands who died.  The Battle of Chickamagua cost over 30,000 lives, and the National Battlefield commemorating them is a Must See. There are sites like this all over the South. The casualties of the Civil War are astounding.

Here we are at another one, Lookout Point National Military Park in Chattanooga.  Chattanooga was a vital stronghold in the War.   The Union had to overtake the Confederate positions on Lookout Mountain, a 2000 foot hill, as well as Missionary Ridge, a long narrow ridge that is a wonder to drive today. 

Southern Tennessee and North Carolina on US 64 is a leisurely, scenic route.  We're not in a hurry, just following the dots on the map to choose our route. After driving by the Tennessee River and other rivers coursing down valleys all day, tonight I listen to rain on the roof at Happy Holiday RV Park in Cherokee NC.   Here in Cherokee county, we are on a reservation where there is a gambling casino with a Paula Dean restaurant. Considering going there for breakfast and wondering if I will notice the butter.....oh it's so good, ya'll. But the real highlight of this area has to be SantaLand, right near Happy Holiday RV Park. It's Thursday and school is still in session, so the park looked pretty empty, and when the Rudolph coaster went by, Rudolph only had two passengers. That'll change this weekend, I am sure, as Memorial weekend campers pour into this Northeastern Carolina recreation area.

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