Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tilley Trivia

Carl Tilley Lincoln checked out his roots this morning at Tilley Hall in Hyde Park NY. The dates all sound right for him to be related to Charles Tilley, born sometime about 1830. In the 1860's Charles moved to Hyde Park and built tract houses for the workers of the town, most of them employed by the rich and famous in their country homes. Later he built Tilley Hall on the site of a burned declining hotel in Hyde Park. Tilley Hall housed a general store, The Oddfellows Lodge and a Dance Hall. All was prosperous at Tilley Hall until the 1980's. Eventually the site went up for sale for back taxes. In the early 2000's the current owner, Roger Larsen, got involved. It is now the site of Cranberry cafe (good coffee, baked goods, breakfast, lunch) and has offices on the upper floors.

Was Charles Tilley a brother of Admiral Tilley, Carl's great grandfather?  Admiral Benjamin Franklin Tilley was born March 29, 1848, the sixth of nine children, in Bristol, Rhode Island.[1] During the American Civil War, Tilley enrolled in the United States Naval Academy on September 22, 1863, at the age of 15. Could there be a connection?

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