Monday, June 2, 2014

Holy Agricola

We arrived today at Il Sarelle , an agritourism accommodation with breakfast and dinner included in Northern Umbria.  Everything served tonight was raised here or in the area.   

First course. 
Bread and wine with farmed raised olive oil, carafe of red wine, bottle of still water.

Appetizer home grown Parma ham and sausage with olive oil and Brusetta with a tomatoe confit.
Then ravioli with pecorino cheese (we could see the goats but not sure where the sheep were). And sautéed sage and more olive oil.
Then insalade of farm greens with farm olive oil.  
Then thin sliced roast pork loin with roasted potato.
Then a slice of shortbread pastry with chocolate and cream cheese and desert wine and limoncello.

Never mind the offer of coffee.   It's 10:30 pm now.  

Tomorrow we will maybe make gnocchi with Sara , who came from Venice and married a Roman with the crazy idea of raising a family on an organic farm.

Buon notte!

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