Monday, June 2, 2014

Famous in a foreign land

While wandering Bologna's central market zone, we were approached by a very attractive Italian woman and a camera man.  

"Garble blah blah blah" in Italian.  
We shake our heads.  No speak Italian .

She switched to English.  "What do you think of this thing kamut?  What is it?"
More questions followed before I figured out I was supposed to play along in a guessing game.   

Dessert I said.   What kind?  Panne.  And latte.  Like bread pudding.    

Dodie said it was a small animal.  Played in the yard.  Went anywhere it wanted.  Like an elephant.

Meanwhile I spoke to the producer who said she was making a promotional film for an Egyptian exhibit in town, and kamut was an Egyptian grain found in a tomb.

Selfies followed. 

Then we gave permission to be used in the film.  It's on Bologna tv in June.  Look for us at www. Didn't get the name.  Of course, you will need to pronounce www. Woo woo woo in Italian before anyone can help you find us.  

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Patricia Schwencke Forsythe said...

You're still just my cousin, no matter how famous you get. ha ha ha!