Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roswell and a solar storm

After two years off the road Carl is finally mobile enough to attempt an rv trip.  Since I had two surgeries myself this summer it is a return to activity for me as well.  We are both giddy like kids with new drivers licenses.   No one could mistake us for geezers.  

I felt a bit uneasy when  I heard about the solar storm coming right before we hit Roswell New Mexico.  That is just too much space junk at once to take any chances.  Had to fashion a hat for Daisy to protect her.

There are aliens everywhere!

I'm not sure if the solar storm influenced the weather, but around Roswell we hit a rain storm and a double rainbow. 
if I don't post again, it's probably the electronics zapped by solar flares, but then again we might be with the aliens.  In case it is the latter, just know we had fun on the way there.


Patricia Schwencke Forsythe said...

Isn't Roswell an interesting place? We've stopped a couple of times on our way to Ruidoso, NM, for skiing trips. Did you happen to stop at the museum in the middle of town. It's a hoot. John stood and talked to one of the owners there for a long time, they are true believers. Enjoy your trip!

Margaret said...

yes Pat it is truly funky fun. Have been to the museum myself.