Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drive by shootings

Most of the scenery I see you will never experience, because as the RV moves down the road, the moment to take a photo passes before I can raise the camera. Once you have driven an RV for a while, you know you can't turn it on a dime or slam on the brakes. Once the moment is over, it's pretty much over.

However, I do take a lot of photos out the window. Most times I get a shot like the one above. I only saved it to show you how bad some of them are. Most of them are deleted the same night. I pretty much ignore all the rules of composition and hope for something better than a road sign in the middle of my rustic barn scene and power lines draped across my village street scene.

My friend Terry say she takes a lot of picture hoping some of them will turn out. And that's a typical day driving a scenic route in the RV. Sometimes, though, magic happens. I've started a new album, called Drive By Shootings, and I plan to add to it the whole trip. Here's the beginnings.

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