Friday, January 21, 2011

Over and over

The other day, doing squats, I got to wondering about stats.  So roughly, since the beginning of October, three days a week I have done 60 squats of varying styles.  So, you do the, I'll do it, because I find the answer amazing.  3,420 squats.  That's how you start climbing stairs again.

Then, there's the leg press.  That's a squat with weights.  200 of those each workout means 11,400 leg presses.  I am beginning to feel quad muscles.

The big yay! of January was the 18th, when I added another step to my front step-ups.  And a few days ago, I decided to get on the treadmill.  I am not walking the same on both legs, a slightly shorter gait on the right, which causes compensating body whining somewhere, so what better lab to force my legs to move the same?

Onward!  New goals.  There's a brick wall in a park nearby.  I should be able to step up on to it.  My mind says do it.  I send the message to my legs.  Nothing happens.  I'm working on that.

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