Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Readers

Today I finally left the Maritime Provinces and being back  in the USA is exhilarating.  So excited with the familiar! All we had to do to re-enter the USA was surrender our tomatoes and citrus.

I'm watching American TV as I write.

I have been thinking about writing some travel articles, and I would love feedback.  If you have been reading this summer, please let me know what your top three favorite blogs were.  I'd like to work on making them submittable as travel articles, which means I need to add more particulars so people can find the location, eat at restaurants, etc.  Submittable, is that a word?

You can refer to the index for the months of May, June and July.

You can post a comment below or email me at  Thanks for your help!

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Christine Adams said...


I enjoyed the PEI post you wrote weaving in Anne of Green Gables tidbits. What a fun idea that is for travel essay.

All your photos are fabulous.

What about another Daisy story - I haven't checked her blog in a while - her misadventures from her point of view!

Christine Adams